The Huntsman Family Foundation and James “JB” Brown Emmy Award Broadcaster Announce Global Movement to End Stigma of Mental Health

February 2, 2024

The Huntsman Family Foundation is heading to Las Vegas to continue its groundbreaking movement to end the stigma associated with Mental Health, Suicide, and Addiction.

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Huntsman Family Foundation is heading to Las Vegas to begin its groundbreaking “Message of Hope” to end the stigma associated with Mental Health, Suicide, and Addiction. The Huntsman Family Foundation is committed to providing comprehensive cancer treatment, mental health, and substance use disorders treatment. Through groundbreaking research and support, we cultivate hope and remind you, “You are not the only one.” The Huntsman Family Foundation will be working with James “JB” Brown, the host of CBS NFL Today, as it engages with several long-standing initiatives that lift humanity and increase awareness, including:

  • Super Bowl Soul Celebration – Super Bowl Soulful Celebration (known as Super Bowl Gospel Celebration in previous years) is the First & Only inspirational concert and television special sanctioned by the NFL. For the past 24 years, only SBSC has created an inspirational Fusion of NFL Players with award-winning musical artists from the gospel and R&B Music Industry, along with critical celebrities all on one stage to bring audiences an evening of uplifting music and messages of hope & faith at the Biggest Game On Earth! – Airing on CBS Network- Saturday, February 10, 2024
  • Vincent Country’s Safe Zone Activity Day & Stay A While Podcast on Radio Row – In the host city of the Big Gamel, VINCENT COUNTRY provides a safe zone of jubilee for children living in underserved areas. Students from a local school enjoy a day of fun, food, and sports activities led by NFL Legend and Executive Vice President for Football Operations with the NFL, Troy Vincent, and his wife, Tommi Vincent, in a worry-free zone. Check out this story. Stay A While is a podcast satisfying our hunger for connection and a judgment-free conversation. Host Tommi Vincent breaks bread every episode with bold, passionate, everyday women who have faced the impossible and are still standing to share their stories. Tune in and listen to Tommi, Tonja Myles, and Christena Huntsman Durham (Follow Chef Tommi V on Instagram and Tick Tok and, Stay A While Show, NFL on DAZN, and Nausicaa Dell’Orto)

“Stigma is just another word for prejudice and ignorance, and there’s too much of that directed towards people who suffer from mental health,” said David Huntsman, President of the Foundation.

“Mental Health challenges reach every segment of global society, from the curbside to the Country Club—from the GenZ (and younger) to Boomer (and older). However, we must instill hope. We want each person to know you are not the only one. Said Tonja Myles – Community Engagement Advisor to The Huntsman Family Foundation. As a Foundation, the Huntsman Family fully believes their work is not finished until every person can access the mental health care they need without prejudice or discrimination. The family is building a more just world where mental health has parity with physical health, and no one suffers in silence.”

The Objectives of the Work:

1. Advance Accessible Treatment: Expand access to state-of-the-art cancer treatment, mental health, and substance use disorders treatment for all individuals in need.

2. Pioneer Innovative Research: Lead pioneering research initiatives in cancer and mental health, driving breakthroughs that transformed treatment methods and outcomes.

3. Foster Holistic Support: Provide comprehensive support services to address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of individuals battling cancer and mental health conditions.

4. Promote Community Education: Educate the community on cancer prevention, mental health awareness, and substance use disorders to foster understanding and compassion.

5. Cultivate Hope and Resilience: Empower individuals and families with a message of hope, resilience, and solidarity, creating a supportive environment where no one feels alone on their journey to healing.

6. Eradicate stigma from mental health and substance use disorders through education, awareness, outreach, and community collaborations.

Christena Huntsman Durham, Executive Vice President of The Huntsman Family Foundation, states, “We are pursuing these goals through our $150 million family gift establishing the Huntsman Mental Institute given to the University of Utah. We are finding new ways to leverage private capital through innovative partnerships, impactful investments, and forge unique collaborations. This will ensure we can integrate our mental health into our physical well-being.

Key partners are the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and countless Schools, Colleges & Universities, Community-based organizations, and NAMI National and Vibrant Emotional Health.

The Huntsman Family Foundation Commissioned Game Meets Game, the Non-Profit Arm of Professional Pipeline Development Group (PPDG), a boutique Management Consulting Firm based in Washington DC. as a collaborative partner to identify venues and platforms, such as the most significant sporting events and influential gatherings through which the message and mission grow. As a long-standing partner, JB brings his trusted voice and influence to cause related issues requiring game-changing solutions. (Visit Game Meets Game here and PPDG here)

“It was clear to me that the Huntsman Family was committed to providing compassionate clinical care while working to make support accessible and effective. That is the heart of the matter for me,” says James Brown. “It is humbling to work alongside this work, knowing they are focused on young people, empowering them with the tools to navigate the complexities of mental health in a changing world.”

About The Huntsman Family Foundation

Jon Huntsman Sr. was an American industrialist, businessman, and philanthropist who founded the Huntsman Corporation. His family has been actively involved in philanthropy, particularly cancer and mental health. Jon Huntsman Sr. and his family established the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Huntsman Mental Health Institute, and Huntsman Mental Health Foundation at the University of Utah.

The Huntsmans are widely recognized for their humanitarian giving, including contributions to the homeless, the ill, and the underprivileged, exceeding $1.5 billion in 2018. The Chronicle of Philanthropy placed Jon and Karen Huntsman second on their 2007 list of largest American donors. In 2015, Jon Huntsman was awarded the Philanthropy Roundtable’s Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Award.

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