Become a beacon of hope for children and teens who are struggling

Children + Teens
Children + Teens

From outpatient therapy to multi-day hospital stays, day treatment, and specialty assessment and treatment programs, your support ensures that we can continue to fund programs for young people aged 5-18.

Children + Teens

Supporting Our Youth

Mental health challenges among young people are more prevalent than ever. Your generous donations enable us to fund a wide range of programs designed specifically for children and teens aged 5-18. These programs include:

  • Outpatient Therapy

    Many young individuals can benefit from outpatient therapy, which provides them with essential counseling and support while allowing them to continue with their daily lives.

  • Multi-Day Hospital Stays

    In cases where intensive care is required, your support ensures that children and teens receive the specialized treatment they need during multi-day hospital stays. The Child Unit (ages 5-12) and the Adolescent Unit (ages 13-18) address the patient’s medical, psychological, and social needs in a safe, protected environment.

  • Day Treatment (Kidstar and Teenscope)

    Day treatment programs offer structured support for those who need more than outpatient therapy but don’t require a full hospital stay. Your donations help us maintain these crucial services which include group, individual, and family therapies under the supervision of a psychiatrist and school guidance from education specialists.

  • Specialty Assessment and Treatment Programs

    Early intervention is key. Your support helps us fund specialized assessment and treatment programs that address the unique needs of children and teenagers facing mental health challenges.

Children + Teens
Children + Teens

Our commitment to helping young people heal and grow is unwavering. We believe that every child and teenager deserves the chance to live a life full of promise and happiness. With your support, we can continue to make this vision a reality.

Help us provide a brighter future for children and teenagers suffering from mental health challenges. Your donation is an investment in their well-being and the well-being of future generations.

By donating to the Huntsman Mental Health Foundation, you become a beacon of hope for children and teens who are struggling.

Healing Out Loud
Healing Out Loud
Children + Teens
Healing Out Loud
With your support, we can offer hope, healing, and growth to our young people
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Your contribution directly impacts their lives by:

Providing access to professional therapy and support.

Offering comprehensive care during hospital stays.

Creating structured environments for healing.

Fostering early intervention and tailored treatments.

Ensuring that no child or teenager faces these challenges alone.